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So, the Holidays are coming up quickly and I as well as everyone else knows this is the worst time of year to stick to a healthy eating plan!  There are an abundance of sugary, fatty, not-good-for-you sweets scattered though out my house.  Cookies are piled up on my dining room table and fudge is stacked high in every ornamental bowl.  Cartons of eggnog and bottles of rum line my fridge door and comfort foods are all that are on my mind!  But in the midst of all of this holiday temptation is a desire to fit easily in my cutest of Christmas outfits!!  Keeping that in the back of my mind gives me at least a little bit of motivation to stay active indoors and here are a few of my easy workouts that I do to burn a little bit of those extra calories.

  1. Get yourself a good 5-8lb kettle bell.  (I got mine an 8lb from TJMaxx for $10)  and follow this easy half hour routine 2-3 times a week!
  2. Do the Spankin Booty Routine at least once a week!  I do mine usually on a Sunday night and on Monday morning my toosh feels nice and tight!
     3.   Do a 15 min AB routine on the days you don't do Kettlebell.  I like to alternate Abs & Kettlebell routine every other day except Sundays when I do Spankin Booty!
These are 5 fairly easy exercises that make you feel tight quickly!

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