My Style and Inspiration

 Here are some inspirational pieces that I often refer to when putting outfits together! 

 Skinny Cropped and Ankle Jeans are definitely one of my favorites and can be casual or dressy depending on what their paired with.  Dress them up with some pumps or wedges, keep them casual with some flats or boots.  Some of my favorite brands are American Eagle Jegging or Skinny jean, Paper Denim Skinny Ankle jeans, JCrew toothpick jeans.
 Tailored Shirts and sweaters are also at the top of my "must wear" list.  I have a staple of white, pink, and blue button up, collared, tailored shirts.  These three colors can easily be paired with any other color sweater.  My favorite brands include Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, and Express.   Keep them un-tucked, and roll up the sleeves for a more casual feel.
 A good quality denim Shirt/Jacket is also a "must have" closet necessity.  I wear mine over a basic T, dressier tank, or any light weight top!  I have a couple different options in my closet.  A darker shirt style that I can roll up the sleeves either over a shirt or under a sweater and a lighter colored heavier denim jacket that I can throw on when I head out to the store or to do errands.  My favorite one comes from Express.
 Tall Riding boots and a matching colored bag can be added to most any outfit!  Riding boots are perfect for cooler weather and so comfortable that you can walk the entire mall and not worry about blisters or sore toes.  Add some tall socks or leg warmers for a cozier more relaxed look.  A good quality matching large bag is not only functionable but ties the whole look together.  I have both a black and brown tall leather pair of boots and matching bag.  I scored a nice pair of brown leather Tommy Hilfiger just below the knee riding boots from TJMaxx for under a hundred bucks.  Real leather looks better with age and wears much better than a faux leather cheaper boot plus it will last a lot longer!  Michael Kors is my favorite brand for a coordinating bag.  Again, a little more pricey but looks better with age and lasts much longer. 
Black Leggings & Chunky Scarf
A good pair of black leggings are always at the top of my "must own" list.  They look great with boots, flats or heels.  You can pair them with Sweaters, Tshirts, Tanks, or basically any top.  They are extremely comfortable and very flattering when worn the "right" way!  Keep it classy.... DON'T wear a tight, form fitting top ALONE with leggings unless you are working out!  If you do, pair it with a light weight, button up shirt or Jacket and scarf. 
A good scarf can change the look of any outfit.  I like to keep a couple of basic colors like ivory, grey, and mauve in my closet.  Tying it in different ways can also change the look.  My favorite styles are long infinity scarves.  Marshall's usually keep a good supply of them for a reasonable price ($10-$30)

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